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Who Do You Love?

An animation made with love

for those that are hesitant about the COVID -19 vaccine.

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Who Do You Love?


COVID-19 has affected everyone, but some more than others. While we have the tools to combat it, many are hesitant about them. Everyone should make the decision that is right for them. We encourage you to consider someone you love and how taking the vaccine could protect you and them; minimizing exposure, long-term health impacts, and/or saving lives.

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Read our blog for a behind-the-scenes look
at the creation of "Who Do You Love?"

meet the animators

“Who Do You Love?” was the result of the hard work of a wonderful team of animators. Hear them weigh in on the experience of creating this film.


Storyboard Artist/


Proud UNC School of the Arts alum and spirited North Carolina transplant, Malory is a passionate artist who is always looking for projects that will connect with people emotionally. 

When Do Good Artist approached her with this opportunity to make a difference, she couldn't wait to get started.

Working on "Who Do You Love?"

“I wanted to work on this piece because this pandemic has gone on for far too long and all this time I've felt so helpless to it all. This project really felt like an opportunity to make a difference in a time of crisis.”


Storyboard Artist/Character Artist/

Story Development

Keaton Sapp graduated from UNC School of the Arts where he cultivated a deep understanding of the animation industry process, manifested in his co-created short film, “Folding Fur.” After winning two awards, he continues to grow his skills through new animation projects.

Working on "Who Do You Love?"

“I've always wanted my art to work in tandem with a good purpose. I believe art is not only a vehicle for expressing the most complex of emotions, but also addressing the most complex of matters (i.e. the current ongoing discussion about vaccines). I'm proud to contribute to that conversation, not in a confrontational way, but rather one that speaks to the humanitarian urgency of potential consequences.”

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Character Designs/

Backgrounds/Color Artist

Echo Wilson is an animator and digital artist from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and a member of UNC School of the Arts graduating class of 2020. She aspires to help create animated works that inspire and educate people on the topics of nature and science.

Working on "Who Do You Love?"

“I wanted to be a part of this project because I believe we can achieve positive change through compassion. By discussing the Coronavirus vaccine with empathy in mind, I'm hopeful that we can encourage people to take the vaccine, and contribute to ending Covid-19.”


a word from our team

In addition to our wonderful animators, the Do Good Artist team gave their thoughts about working on this social impact project.



Iris Cole

"Artists have a brave, creative, and sensitive spirit that allows their work to address difficult issues in beautiful ways. In a world that is polarized, I know that we all care about someone. I hope this animation will pull at our heart strings and be an impetus for someone to consider the vaccine and to help organizations who are doing outreach get the message across."

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executive administrator

Emilyann Marsh

“Seeing the various effects of Covid, I wanted to have a small impact in helping the lives of others.”


Kendra Harding

project manager

“Working on “Who Do You Love?” felt like the perfect opportunity to use my creative skills to contribute to the ongoing fight against COVID-19. The hesitancy many communities have felt is valid, and I hope this project can inspire confidence in those who are on the fence about taking one of the available vaccines.” 


Valerie G.

partnerships & development

"In working on our COVID vaccine animation project, we took into consideration all of the complexities that tie into vaccinations: eugenics, misinformation, hesitations about vaccines or COVID itself, and much more. I think we accomplished our goal of maintaining awareness of those complexities. I’m proud of our end result: A thoughtful narrative on the impacts COVID and the COVID vaccine on our society."