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Behind the Scenes: Who Do You Love?

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Uncertainty...For many, it defined 2020. From loss of work and sense of normalcy, to loss of life, it became clear in a matter of weeks just how fragile life really is. COVID-19 left no one untouched. We masked up. We socially distanced and stayed apart to protect one another. We changed the way we did everything.

With vaccines now broadly available in the United States, many have breathed a sigh of relief. Many, though, still feel a deep sense of uncertainty. Fears and concerns surrounding the vaccines have been felt across communities in different ways. We wanted to acknowledge the fear, the pain, and the trauma that many feel and everything everyone has endured in the last year.

We spent many hours discussing how we could contribute, addressing our own concerns as a team and digging deep into the stories behind the statistics we were reading on the news. Hearing real stories of those lost, those who lost, and those on the front lines spurred us into action. We believe art has a way of speaking differently, in a way that allows you to consider, ponder, and draw your own conclusions based on what you see and feel. We felt compelled to create this short visual metaphor for what many are feeling right now and an ask that you can consider in the context of your experience and in relation to those you love. We wish you peace and wellness and hope you’ll consider taking the vaccine to protect yourself, someone you love, and your community.


“Who Do You Love?” follows the story of a man who has lost his home, a loved one, and his sense of security in a devastating storm. With the help of his community, he takes agency and rebuilds his home and life in the aftermath. The metaphors are simple and profound. See if you decipher them.

The storm damage represents the COVID-19 crisis, driving people away from a picnic table and separating them physically and emotionally. You’ll notice the neighborhood houses in varied states of disrepair from the storm. These differences represent the inequities associated with the impacts of the pandemic.

In that separation and devastation, a neighbor takes action and steps in to help the man -- a metaphor for the things we as individuals can do to protect others. The hammer and nails represent the tools we have to turn the tide of COVID-19 and begin to rebuild: the vaccines.

The main character takes agency over his own situation surrounded by the compassion and help of his neighbors, and uses the tools he’s received to begin to rebuild for himself, to protect his family, and to pay it forward for his neighbors and community.

The picnic table -- the same picnic table that was broken in the storm -- is repaired, too. Little by little, the community comes back together to look toward brighter days.


As we begin to see the light shining through the clouds, let’s not get too comfortable. We can do so much to help our communities rebuild stronger than before. We can choose to take the vaccine and we can encourage others to get one. If you need more information on the COVID-19 vaccine or help getting signed up to get one, please visit the CDC or NC DHHS for more information about vaccinations.

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