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Unseen Facilitated Dialogue Glossary

Here you will find terminology used in the Facilitated Dialogue for Unseen. Please use this as a reference throughout training.


Threats of serious harm to or physical restraint against any person, or psychological manipulation, document confiscation, and threats to loved ones or pets


physical restraint, physical harm, sexual assault, and beatings.


false promises regarding employment, wages, working conditions, love, marriage, or a better life


the process by which a trafficker gains a potential victim's trust and manipulates them. This can begin with normal interactions on social media, and may be perceived by the recipient to be a legitimate friendship or romantic partnership. Traffickers may shower the person with compliments, give them gifts or access to needed/desired resources


a term that carries legal implications for both the person who has been sold for sex, and those who have done the selling.

Sex Work

a broad term used to describe a variety of sexually explicit activities and services provided by an individual. May include everything from work in strip clubs/exotic dancing, to participation in the pornography industry, to engaging in sex for money or necessities


targets are coerced and manipulated into continuing to share sexual content, performing sex acts, or giving money to perpetrators. The perpetrators often pose as a legitimate partner or friend


this term is used to describe someone who has gone through recovery after experiencing trafficking. This term seeks to acknowledge the resilience and strength of those who have experienced trafficking


this term is used by law enforcement and the criminal justice system to describe prosecutable offenses committed against someone.

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