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You can save a life.

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Virtual Reality Experience Raising Awareness about
Human Trafficking
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Do Good Artist is a social enterprise that moves the needle on social issues through multi-sector collaborations between the arts and other industries. We partner artists, brands, and organizations to create innovative products and initiatives that raise awareness about social issues and generate opportunities for more inclusive economic development.

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We believe in the power of art, in all of its creative forms, to connect people and enable social change.


We are early adopters of technology, particularly interested in gaming due to its natural connection to music, visual art, culture, & social engagement capability.

Social Impact
Social Impact

We partner and consult with artists, brands, businesses, non-profits and governments to help create innovative social impact products and initiatives.

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Everyone has the ability to use their gifts to

make a difference in the world. Leverage yours and become a 

Do Good Artist.

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