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Unseen - Virtual Reality Experience to Raise Awareness About Human Trafficking

With the help of students from NC State University and UNC School of the Arts, Do Good Artist developed a virtual reality experience about human trafficking. Through a series of stories and vignettes, "Unseen" educates about the different faces of human trafficking, methods of coercion traffickers use, and what you can do to make a difference. 

Unseen will be available in August 2019 as an educational tool for government, medical, education, tourism, transportation and non-profit sectors. If you are interested in learning more about how you can utilize Unseen, please contact us here. 

Winston Salem Fashion Week

We partnered with Winston Salem Fashion Week to highlight companies and organizations in the region that are doing amazing things. Learn about how our 2018 fashion line had a social, environmental and economic impact in our community! To learn more, click here. 

SC Human Trafficking Youth Advocacy Summit

Do Good Artist partnered with the SCAG's South Carolina Human Trafficking Task Force for the first ever SC Human Trafficking Youth Advocacy Summit. Do Good Artist presented various workshops related to how the arts can be a valuable tool in the fight against human trafficking. To see press on the event, click here.

Creative Startups Accelerator

Do Good Artist was selected as part of the 2017 cohort for the Creative Startups accelerator program in Winston Salem, NC. Creative Startups is the leading accelerator for creative companies and is helping us fast track our success with access to a vast creative community, and world-class mentors, networks and investors.

Technology: VR Interactive Narrative Toolkit

Do Good Artist worked with students from NC State University to develop a prototype for a Platform that can help artists and musicians develop interactive narrative in VR without having a lot of technology know how. A proof of concept is underway.

Do Good Artist Pop-up Store Experience

The Do Good Artist pop-up store will create a very unique experience and emotional connection between customers and Do Good Artist partners. Through innovative technologies, including augmented reality, customers will live and learn about Artists' compelling stories including the talent, passion and work behind Do Good Artist products. 

Do Good Conversations

Do Good Artist organizes educational encounters and workshops in our realm of influence and for those that are interested in the areas of:

1. Strategic Social Impact

2. Creative Mediums as a Tool for Social Impact

3. Multi-sector Collaboration for Innovation

4. Social/Economic Inclusion

5. Engagement Strategies for Social Impact

6. Connecting Creative Industry Value Chains

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