about us

Do Good Artist believes in the power of art, in all of its creative forms, to connect people and enable social change. 

Do Good Artist a social enterprise that strategically partners the arts with other industries (such as technology, fashion, tourism, health, etc.) in order to innovate and move the needle on social issues. Our goal is to help artists make a living doing what they love and create products and initiatives that are helping break cycles of social and economic exclusion. Our products tell compelling stories of struggles and hope, and engage our community to take action through creative, immersive, artistic and technology-based experiences. 

how we do it

  • Create multi-sector collaborations that engage and educate artists, producers and consumers about social issues and their particular power to enact social change.

  • Incubate products and initiatives that 

    • move the needle on social/environmental issues

    • provide unique opportunities for creatives to use their skills for good

    • provide economic stability/jobs for people in social and economic exclusion.

  • Provide niche distribution channels for Do Good Artist products and initiatives.

  • Through creative storytelling and interactive engagement, inspire our Do Good community to take action.

our founder

Iris Fagundo Cole

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Iris Cole is an entrepreneur and Founding Partner of She Raises the Bar, a corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability consulting firm. Her most recent venture, Do Good Artist, is pioneering social change through multi-sector collaborations between the arts and other industries. 


Iris’ background includes 20+ years of experience working as an executive and sustainability consultant in both the public and private sectors. She continues to work with investors, businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations in order to help them leverage and execute more impactful social/ environmental investment strategies, inclusive business models, community engagement, as well as identify strategic growth opportunities through the lens of their stakeholders. 


Ms. Cole serves on the Board of Directors of the Hispanic League and is the Board Co-chair of the Women’s Network of Winston Salem. She is currently a Kenan Institute for the Arts fellow at the UNC School of the Arts. She holds degrees in music performance, conducting, and creative entrepreneurship. Her background and passion for the arts has made her a strong advocate for the arts and how the arts can impact our world. 

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