June 8, 2019

Founder and CEO of Do Good Artist Iris Cole shares her thoughts about Unseen, Do Good Artist’s virtual reality experience that raises awareness about human trafficking.

How did Unseen come about?

Two years ago, I went to research how gaming had become an economic development driver in Raleigh, NC. On that trip, I met with various stakeholders and explained that I was interested in not only the gaming industry and its potential for job creation, but also its potential for social change. This led to an invitation to explore that potential with students from NC State University and eventually led to the prototype of Unseen.

Why virtual reality? Putting virtual reality and human trafficking together seems strange and potentially scary.

Virtual reality is one of the best empathy-building tools that we have at our disposal. When you have to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and live their experience, you start to care more. We want people to care about this issue, to understand that this is h...

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